Complete Species List

Total number of species caught (July 2020): 1367

Species grouped by morphology

Some color varieties and sexual dimorphisms pictured, but not counted as species


Yelloweye Rockfish (Young Adult)
Yelloweye Rockfish (Late Adult)
Sunset Rockfish
Bocaccio Rockfish
Vermillion Rockfish
Canary Rockfish
No Common Name
(Sebastiscus albofasciatus)
Greenblotched Rockfish
Rosy Rockfish
Rosethorn Rockfish
Starry Rockfish
Honeycomb Rockfish
Swordspine Rockfish
Green Spotted Rockfish
Kelp Rockfish
Chilipepper Rockfish
Greenstriped Rockfish
Stripetail Rockfish
Bank Rockfish
Half Banded Rockfish
Flag Rockfish
Calico Rockfish
Gopher Rockfish
Copper Rockfish
Quillback Rockfish
China Rockfish
Speckled Rockfish
Black and Yellow Rockfish
Brown Rockfish
Grass Rockfish
Yellowtail Rockfish
Squarespot Rockfish
Dusky Rockfish
Dark Dusky Rockfish
Black Rockfish
No Common Name
(Sebastes cheni)
No Common Name
(Sebastes inermis)
Blue Rockfish
False Kelpfish


Stocky Hawkfish
Arceye Hawkfish
Yellow Hawkfish
Giant Hawkfish
Splendid Hawkfish
Twospot Hawkfish
Blackside Hawkfish



Plain Sculpin
Great Sculpin
Red Irish Lord
Eastern Red Scorpionfish
California Scorpionfish
Spotted Scorpionfish
Painted Scorpionfish
Spotfin Scorpionfish
Western Red Scorpionfish
Staghorn Sculpin
Armorhead Sculpin
Roughback Sculpin
Brown Irish Lord
Padded Sculpin
Tidepool Sculpin
No Common Name
(Pontinus furcirhinus)
Buffalo Sculpin
Largehead Scorpionfish
Rainbow Scorpionfish
Golden Scorpionfish
Smoothhead Sculpin
Mosshead Sculpin
Rosylip Sculpin
Scalyhead Sculpin


Midshipmen, Kelpfish

Kelp Greenling (male)
Kelp Greenling (juvenile)
Kelp Greenling (female)
White Spotted Greenling (female)
Lingcod (blue morph)
Lingcod (brown morph)
White Spotted Greenling (male)
Crevice Kelpfish
Painted Greenling
Shortspine Combfish
Striped Kelpfish
Giant Kelpfish
Giant Jawfish
Onespot Fringehead
Sarcastic Fringehead
Super Klipfish
Bluntnose Klipfish


Sunset Wrasse
Ornate Wrasse
Saddleback Wrasse
Moon Wrasse
Bluntheaded Wrasse
Bluehead Wrasse
Christmas Wrasse (female)
Fivestripe Wrasse
Cupid Wrasse
Christmas Wrasse (male)
Redbreast Wrasse
Sixbar Wrasse
Slippery Dick Wrasse
Ringtail Wrasse (Initial Transition)
Ringtail Wrasse (Supermale)
Checkerboard Wrasse
Puddingwife Wrasse
Bubblefin Wrasse
Banded Wrasse
Rock Wrasse
Spinster Wrasse (Male)
Bird Wrasse (Male)
Green Birdmouth Wrasse (female)
Cigar Wrasse
Blackear Wrasse
Chameleon Wrasse
Zigzag Wrasse
Dusky Wrasse
No Common Name
(Pseudolabrus sieboldi)
Bambooleaf Wrasse
Floral Wrasse
Tripletail Wrasse
Hawaiian Hogfish (Female)
Hawaiian Hogfish (Male)
California Sheephead
Barred Hogfish
Linedcheek Wrasse
Doubleheader Wrasse
Twospot Wrasse
Cryptic Wrasse
Cocktail Wrasse
Pearly Razorfish
Azurio Tuskfish
Peacock Wrasse
Jansen’s Wrasse
Cortez Rainbow Wrasse
Lined Coris
No Common Name
(Halichoeres tenuispinis)
Senorita Wrasse
Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse
Brownspotted Wrasse
Orange Wrasse
Red Naped Wrasse
Maori Wrasse
Redband Wrasse
Red Pigfish
Senator Wrasse
Western King Wrasse
Surge Wrasse
Black-spotted Wrasse
Sunset Wrasse
Yellowhead Wrasse
Orangefin Wrasse
Red-shoulder Wrasse
Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse
Snooty Wrasse
Barred Thicklip
Splitlevel Hogfish
Goldbar Wrasse
Cockerel Wrasse


Gold-saddle Goatfish
Manybar Goatfish
Blackspot Goatfish
Pointed Goatfish
Freckled Goatfish
Southern Goatfish
Yellowfin Goatfish
Yellowstriped Goatfish
Longbarbel Goatfish
Orange Goatfish
Rosy Goatfish
Longbarbel Goatfish
(South Africa)

Anthias, Dottybacks

Fusiliers, Creolefish

Sunrise Perch
Hawaiian Yellow Anthias
No Common Name
(Odontanthias elizabethae)
Firetail Dottyback
Pacific Creolefish
Lunar Fusilier
Banana Fusilier
Yellow and Blueback Fusilier
Dark-banded Fusilier
Blue and Gold Fusilier
Goldband Fusilier
Red Belly Yellowtail Fusilier


Bar Jack
Striped Cocinero Jack
Blue Runner Jack
Silver Trevally
White Trevally
Skipjack Trevally
Malabar Trevally
Green Jack (green morph)
Greater Amberjack (juvenile)
Almaco Jack
Yellowtail Amberjack
Barcheek Trevally
Giant Trevally
Horse-eye Jack
Brassy Trevally
Longrakered Trevally
Island Trevally
Yellowspotted Trevally
Bluefin Trevally
Atlantic Jack Crevalle
Pacific Jack Crevalle
African Pompano
Atlantic Moonfish
Atlantic Lookdown
Mexican Lookdown
Pacific Moonfish
Talang Queenfish
Longjaw Leatherjack
Needlescaled Queenfish
Doublespotted Queenfish
Leatherjacket (Atlantic ssp.)
Shortjaw Leatherjacket
Atlantic Bumper
Pacific Bumper
Blackblotch Pompano
Florida Pompano
Derbio Pompano
Largespotted Dart

Scads, Jack Mackerels

Yellowtail Scad
Yellowstripe Scad
Torpedo Scad
Pacific Jack Mackerel
Bigeye Scad
Mediterranean Horse Mackerel
Round Scad
Mackerel Scad
Redtail Scad
Amberstripe Scad
Japanese Jack Mackerel
Cape Horse Mackerel


Sierra Mackerel
Atlantic Spanish Mackerel
Cero Mackerel
Monterey Spanish Mackerel
King Mackerel
Indian Mackerel
Pacific Chub Mackerel
Atlantic Chub Mackerel
Blue Mackerel


Skipjack Tuna
Pacific Bluefin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna
Black Skipjack Tuna
Little Tunny
Pacific Bonito
Atlantic Bonito
Bullet Tuna
Striped Bonito


Longfin Grouper
Gulf Grouper
Spotted Cabrillo
Orange Spotted Grouper
Duskytail Grouper
Blue Lined Hind
Leopard Grouper
Peacock Hind
Gag Grouper
Flag Cabrillo
Red Grouper
Chocolate Hind
Panamic Graysby
Breaksea Cod
Darkfin Hind
Dusky Grouper
Scamp Grouper
Hong Kong Grouper
Rock Grouper
Sixbar Grouper
Areolate Grouper
Brownspotted Grouper
Bluespotted Hind
Toadstool Groper
Star-studded Grouper
Black Grouper
Blue and Yellow Grouper
Squaretail Coral Grouper
Redmouth Grouper
Black Saddled Coral Grouper
Tomato Hind
Blackfin Grouper
Coral Hind
Yellow-edged Lyretail (Deepwater morph)
Yellow-edged Lyretail (Shallow reef morph)
White-edged Lyretail
Blacktip Grouper
Leopard Hind
White-streaked Grouper
Honeycomb Grouper
Foursaddle Grouper
Starspotted Grouper
Catface Grouper

Saltwater Basses

Black Sea Bass
Goldspotted Sand Bass
Spotted Sand Bass
Calico Bass
Barred Sand Bass (Subadult)
Barred Sand Bass (Adult)
European Seabass
Japanese Seabass
Japanese Seabass (Taiwanese spotted morph)
Sand Perch
Bridled Sandperch
Mexican Sand Perch
No Common Name
(Chelidoperca pleurospilus)
Barred Serrano
Painted Comber
Blacktail Comber
Goldenstriped Soapfish
Mottled Soapfish
Whitespotted Soapfish
Western Blue Devil
Black-banded Seaperch
Half-banded Seaperch
Black Hamlet
Belted Sandfish

Snooks, Barramundi

Common Snook
Yellowfin Snook


Mangrove Red Snapper
Pacific Dog Snapper
Star Snapper
Lane Snapper
Spotted Rose Snapper
Schoolmaster Snapper
Onespot Snapper
Mahogany Snapper
Gray Snapper
Dory Snapper
Russell’s Snapper
Mutton Snapper
Blacktail Snapper
Pacific Red Snapper
Northern Red Snapper
Two Spot Banded Snapper
Two Spot Red Snapper
Humpback Red Snapper
Bigeye Snapper
Indian Snapper
Vermillion Snapper
Bluestripe Snapper
Five-lined Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper (juvenile)
Brownstripe Red Snapper
John’s Snapper
Amarillo Snapper

Jobfish, Gnomefish


Green Jobfish
Smalltooth Jobfish
Rusty Jobfish
Australian Herring
Lavender Jobfish

Saltwater Breams


Blue Striped Grunt
Sailor’s Choice
Spottail Grunt
White Grunt
Greybar Grunt
Silvergray Grunt
Black Margate
Chicken Grunt
Smallmouth Grunt
French Grunt
Tomtate Grunt
California Salema
Terapon Jarbua
Javelin Grunter
Latin Grunt
Bronze Striped Grunt
Panamic Grunt
Largescaled Terapon
Cortez Grunt
Sand Grunt
Cape Stumpnose
Striped Grunter
Olive Grunt
Banded Grunter

Saltwater Breams

Mojarras, Ponyfish

Yellowfin Mojarra
Shortnose Mojarra
Whipfin Silver Biddy
Silver Biddy
Slender Mojarra
Flagfin Mojarra
Pacific Spotfin Mojarra
Pacific Flagfin Mojarra
Decorated Ponyfish
Common Ponyfish


Spangled Emperor
Thumbprint Emperor
Orange Striped Emperor
Longfin Emperor
Pinkear Emperor
Chinese Emperor
Orange-spotted Emperor
Longface Emperor
Yellowlip Emperor
Spotcheek Emperor

Saltwater Tropical Breams

Saw-jawed Monacle Bream
White Cheek Monacle Bream
Pearly Monacle Bream
Western Australia Butterfish
Butterfly Whiptail
Monogrammed Monacle Bream
Two-lined Monacle Bream
Yellowstripe Monacle Bream
Striped Large-eye Bream
Blue-lined Large-eye Bream

Saltwater Breams


Sand Steenbras
Sharpsnout Seabream
White Seabream
Common Two-banded Seabream
Zebra Seabream
Annular Seabream
Jolthead Porgy
Pacific Porgy
Sheepshead Porgy
Pluma Porgy
Red Porgy
Common Pandora
Gilthead Seabream
Threadfin Porgy
Surf Bream
Southern Black Bream
Pink Snapper
Black Seabream
Silver Porgy
Goldsilk Seabream
Yellowfin Seabream
Spottail Pinfish
Littlehead Porgy
Cape Stumpnose
White Stumpnose
Cape White Seabream
Santer Seabream
Englishman Seabream
Slinger Seabream
Natal Pandora

Saltwater Breams


Black Surfperch (Black morph)
Rainbow Surfperch
Striped Surfperch
Dwarf Perch
White Seaperch
Sharpnose Surfperch
Shiner Surfperch
Barred Flagtail
Hawaiian Flagtail
Walleye Surfperch
Pile Surfperch
Rubberlip Seaperch
Calico Surfperch
Barred Surfperch
Redtail Surfperch
Saddled Seabream

Saltwater Breams

Chubs, Opaleyes

Gulf Opaleye
Blue Drummer
No Common Name
(Girella leonina)
No Common Name
(Girella punctata)
Striped Beakfish
Gray Sea Chub
Bermuda Sea Chub
Hawaiian Sea Chub
Yellow Sea Chub
Silver Drummer
Brassy Sea Chub
Stone Bream
Bronze Seabream

Saltwater Breams


White Spotted Rabbitfish
Java Rabbitfish
Mottled Spinefoot
Streamlined Spinefoot
Australian Mado


Seatrouts, Seabasses

Shortfin Corvina
Spotted Weakfish
Gulf Weakfish
Sand Weakfish
Silver Seatrout
Dusky Kob


Drums, Whitings, Croakers

Red Drum
Spotfin Croaker
Freshwater Drum
Black Drum
China Croaker
Atlantic Croaker
Cortez Croaker
Yellowfin Drum
Sand Drum
California Kingcroaker
Gulf Croaker
Slender Croaker
Highfin Croaker
Gulf Whiting
Southern Whiting
Yelloweye Croaker
Silver Stardrum
American Stardrum
Silver Perch
White Croaker
Silver Croaker

Soldierfish, Sweepers


Pearly Soldierfish
Scarlet Soldierfish
Bigscale Soldierfish
Brick Soldierfish
Doubletooth Soldierfish
Blacktip Soldierfish
Lattice Soldierfish
Pinecone Soldierfish
Panamic Soldierfish
Popeye Catalufa
Vanikoro Sweeper
Dusky Sweeper
(Pempheris adusta)
Moluccan Sweeper
Black-stripe Sweeper
Silver Sweeper
(Pempheris oualensis)


Candystripe Cardinalfish
Doederlein’s Cardinalfish
Bandfin Cardinalfish
Spotted Cardinalfish
Pink Cardinalfish
Barred Cardinalfish
Wolf Cardinalfish
Tiger Cardinalfish
Five Lined Cardinalfish
Amboina Cardinalfish
Yellowstriped Cardinalfish
Spotted-gill Cardinalfish
Orbiculate Cardinalfish
Norfolk Cardinalfish
Brassy Cardinalfish
Ghost Cardinalfish
Rib-bar Cardinalfish
Iridescent Cardinalfish
Broadstriped Cardinalfish
Bald Glassy
Sevenstriped Cardinalfish
Cook’s Cardinalfish
Slender Glassy
Twinspot Cardinalfish
No Common Name
(Parambassis siamensis)


Spotfin Squirrelfish
Crown Squirrelfish
Longfin Squirrelfish
Speckled Squirrelfish
Tinsel Squirrelfish
Sabre Squirrelfish
Violet Squirrelfish
Pink Squirrelfish
Silverspot Squirrelfish
Samurai Squirrelfish

Sweeps, Boarfish

Silver Sweep
Banded Sweep
Deepbody Boarfish

Scats, Spadefishes


Atlantic Spadefish
Pacific Spadefish
Spotted Scat


Scissortail Damsel
Panamic Sargeant Major
Indo-Pacific Sargeant Major
Bengal Sargeant Major
Sargeant Major
Blackspot Sargeant
Night Sargeant
Hawaiian Sargeant (yellow phase)
Hawaiian Sargeant (blue phase)
Threespot Dascyllus
Hawaiian Dascyllus
Yellow Spotted Chromis
Atlantic Damselfish
Smokey Chromis
Chinese Demoiselle
Rock Damselfish
Dusky Gregory
Hawaiian Gregory
Mexican Night Sargeant
Beaubrummel Major
Whitespine Damselfish
Western Gregory
Cortez Damselfish
Doublebar Chromis
Dusky Farmerfish
Threespot Damselfish
Canary Damselfish
Longfin Damsel
Dusky Damselfish
Western Scalyfin
Onespot Puller
Pacific Gregory
Multispine Damselfish
Banded Scalyfin
McCulloch’s Scalyfin
Garibaldi (juvenile)
Garibaldi (adult)
Cocoa Damselfish
Indian Damsel
Sapphire Damsel
Grey Demoiselle
Maldives Damsel
Swallow Damsel
Regal Demoiselle
Similar Damsel
Smoky Damsel
Singlebar Devil
Yellowtail Sergeant
Reticulate Dascyllus
Natal Sergeant


Yellowtail Clownfish
Whitesnout Clownfish


Wide eyed Flounder
Pacific Leopard Flounder
Leopard Flounder
Butter Sole
Northern Rock Sole
Southern Rock Sole
Yellowfin Sole
Pacific Halibut
California Halibut
Pacific Sanddab
Bigmouth Flounder
Sand Sole
Speckled Sanddab
Summer Flounder
Fantail Sole
Oval Flounder
Flowery Flounder
Largetooth Flounder
Spiny Flounder
Diamond Turbot
Petrale Sole
Southern Flounder


Gray Triggerfish
Finescale Triggerfish (adult)
Stone Triggerfish
Orange Lined Triggerfish
Lagoon Triggerfish
Black Triggerfish
Orange Sided Triggerfish
Bluethroat Triggerfish
Pinktail Triggerfish
Picasso Triggerfish
Boomerang Triggerfish
Masked Triggerfish
Red-toothed Triggerfish
Titan Triggerfish


Fantail Filefish
Fan-bellied Leatherjacket
No Common Name
(Thamnaconus multilineatus)
Barred Filefish
Scrawled Filefish
Planehead Filefish
Orange Spotted Filefish
Rough Leatherjacket
Spiny-tailed Leatherjacket
Horseshoe Leatherjacket
Yellow-striped Leatherjacket
Blue-lined Leatherjacket
Six-spined Leatherjacket
Sandwich Isle Filefish
Honeycomb Filefish

Trunkfish, Tripodfish

Buffalo Trunkfish
Spotted Trunkfish (Male)
Spotted Trunkfish (Female)
Scrawled Cowfish
Smooth Trunkfish
Striped Cowfish
Western Smooth Boxfish
Horn-nosed Boxfish
Spotted Trunkfish
Short-nosed Tripodfish


Macronesian Sharpnose Puffer
Brown Lined Puffer
Checkered Puffer
No Common Name
(Takifugu niphobles)
Naked Puffer
Bullseye Puffer
Spotfin Porcupinefish
Longspined Porcupinefish
Spotfin Burrfish
Northern Pufferfish
Guinean Pufferfish
Spotted Green Pufferfish
Bandtail Pufferfish
Southern Pufferfish
Weeping Toado
Longnose Puffer
No Common Name
(Torquigener pallimaculatus)
No Common Name
(Tetractenos hamiltoni)
Caribbean Sharpnose Puffer
Prickly Toadfish
Spider-eye Puffer
Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby
Evileye Blaasop
Immaculate Puffer
Striped Burrfish

Tangs, Surgeonfish

Lavender Surgeonfish
Ocean Surgeonfish
Eyestripe Surgeonfish
Yellowfin Surgeonfish (Maldives)
Yellowfin Surgeonfish (Hawaii)
Sailfin Tang
Ringtail Surgeonfish
Blue Tang
Whitemargin Unicornfish
Bluespine Surgeonfish (Adult)
Yellowtail Surgeonfish
Spotted Unicornfish
Bignose Unicornfish
Orangespot Surgeonfish
Twospot Surgeonfish
Striated Surgeonfish


Gray Angelfish
French Angelfish


Lined Butterflyfish
Threadfin Butterflyfish
Milletseed Butterflyfish
Teardrop Butterflyfish
Raccoon Butterflyfish
Oriental Butterflyfish
Vagabond Butterflyfish
Sunburst Butterflyfish
Pennant Coralfish
Moorish Idol
Asian Butterflyfish


Rainbow Parrotfish
Stoplight Parrotfish
Redband Parrotfish (Terminal male)
Redtail Parrotfish (Terminal male)
Redband Parrotfish (Initial)
Blue Parrotfish
Redtail Parrotfish (Initial)
Palenose Parrotfish
Regal Parrotfish
Caroline’s Parrotfish
Bullethead Parrotfish
Bluebarred Parrotfish
Festive Parrotfish
Forsten’s Parrotfish
Ember Parrotfish
Princess Parrotfish

Lizardfish, Weevers

Nebulous Lizardfish
Slender Lizardfish
Diamond Lizardfish
Inshore Lizardfish
California Lizardfish
Iguana Lizardfish
Indian Lizardfish
Brushtooth Lizardfish
Calico Lizardfish
Greater Weever
Sand Lizardfish
Variegated Lizardfish


Flagfins, Sailfins

No Common Name
(Parapercis kamoharai)
Yellowbar Sandperch
Speckled Sandperch
Gold-birdled Sandsmelt
Smallscale Grubfish
Latticed Sandperch
Sargeant Baker
Japanese Thread Sailfish
Eastern Pacific Flagfin


Rockpool Blenny
Zebra Blenny
Dussumier’s Rockskipper
Marbled Blenny
Panamic Fanged Blenny
Ringneck Blenny
Rusty Blenny
Largehead Blenny
Porehead Blenny
Bay Blenny
Sonora Blenny
Blue-spotted Blenny
Highbrow Rockskipper
Maned Blenny
Blackspotted Rockskipper
Molly Miller
Hairy Blenny
Crested Blenny


Pink-speckled Shrimp Goby
Chameleon Goby
Madeira Goby
Rock Goby
Duckbill Sleeper
Whitespotted Frillgoby
Notchtongue Goby
Frillfin Goby
Panamic Frillfin Goby
Yellowfin Goby
Arrow Goby
Round Goby
Crested Goby
Peacock Shrimpgoby
Downing’s Shrimpgoby
Blackeye Goby
Tridentiger brevispinis
Shokihaze Goby
Halfspotted Goby
Northern Clingfish
Whitebarred Goby
Barehead Goby
Banded Goby
Commafin Goby
Spotted Frill-goby
Shadow Goby
No Common Name
(Rhinogobius giurinus)
Cocos Frill-goby

Sillagos, Smelts


False Grunion
Atlantic Silverside
Samoan Silverside
Hardyhead Silverside
Star Silverside
Wide Banded Hardyhead Silverside
Narrow Banded Hardyhead Silverside
Oriental Sillago
Inland Silverside
Brook Silverside
Mississippi Silverside


Slough Anchovy
Japanese Anchovy
California Anchovy
Orangemouth Anchovy


Golden Grey Mullet
Greenback Mullet
Kanda Mullet
Squaretail Mullet
Sand Grey Mullet
South African Mullet
Flathead Grey Mullet

Tarpon, Herring

Shads, Sardines

American Shad
Hickory Shad
Amazon Pellona
Threadfin Herring
Scaled Sardine
Blueback Herring
Redear Herring
Fringescale Sardinella
False Herring
South American Pilchard
Pacific Herring
Atlantic Herring
Pacific Ladyfish
Atlantic Tarpon
Indo-Pacific Tarpon
Gizzard Shad
White Sardinella
Elongate Ilisha


Cortez Bonefish
Atlantic Bonefish


Bigeye Barracuda
Mexican Barracuda
California Barracuda
Red Barracuda
Great Barracuda
Obtuse Barracuda
Long Finned Pike

Needlefish, Cornetfish

Flat Needlefish
Mexican Needlefish
Spotfin Needlefish
Silver Needlefish
Keeltail Needlefish
Redfin Garfish
California Needlefish
Atlantic Needlefish
Reef Needlefish
Chinese Trumpetfish
Bluespotted Cornetfish


Duncker’s River Garfish
Choelo Halfbeak
Polynesian Halfbeak
Tropical Halfbeak
Eastern Sea Garfish

Sharks, Sturgeons

White Sturgeon
Coral Catshark
Leopard Shark
Galapagos Whaler Shark
Atlantic Sharpnose Shark
Bronze Whaler Shark
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark
Grey Smoothhound
Nurse Shark
Blacktip Shark
Pacific Spiny Dogfish
Spinner Shark
Swell Shark

Rays, Skates

California Batray
Atlantic Stingray
Round Stingray
Cortez Stingray
Southern Stingray
Shovelnose Guitarfish
Thornback Guitarfish
Little Skate
Atlantic Guitarfish
Pink Whipray

Eel-like fish

Largehead Hairtail
Purplemouth Moray Eel
California Moray Eel
Paintspotted Moray
Whitemouth Moray Eel
Undulated Moray Eel
Starry Moray
Shrimp Eel

Pricklebacks, Eelpouts

Monkeyface Prickleback
Rock Prickleback
Black Prickleback
High Cockscomb
Snake Prickleback
Blackbelly Eelpout

Cods, Deepwater Fish

Searcher Ronquil
Pacific Cod
Walleye Pollock
Pacific Tomcod


Bighead Tilefish
Ocean Whitefish
Sand Tilefish

Threadfin Breams

Redspine Threadfin Bream
Ornate Threadfin Bream
Japanese Threadfin Bream
Forktailed Threadfin Bream

Trouts, Salmon

Volcano Creek Golden Trout
Kern River Rainbow Trout
Apache Trout
Brown Trout (Spawning)
Lake Trout
Bull Trout
Brown Trout (Stream resident)
Brook Trout (Colorado)
Brook Trout (California)
Colorado River Cutthroat Trout
Coastal Cutthroat Trout
Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout
Chinook Salmon
Coho Salmon
Pink Salmon
Sockeye Salmon
Chum Salmon
Atlantic Salmon
Arctic Grayling
Mountain Whitefish
Steelhead (Anadromous Rainbow Trout)


Sonoran Sucker
Golden Redhorse
White Sucker
Owens Sucker
No Common Name
(Acrossocheilus paradoxus)
Flannelmouth Sucker
Northern Hogsucker
Sacramento Sucker
Longnose Sucker

Carps, Buffalos

Grass Carp
Common Carp
Goldfish (Wild morph)
Bighead Carp
Silver Carp
Smallmouth Buffalo
No Common Name
(Spinibarbus hollandi)

Chubs, Roaches

Roundtail Chub
Roundtail Chub (Headwater Chub ssp.)
Humpback Chub
Creek Chub
River Chub
Arroyo Chub
Golden Shiner
Common Roach
Freshwater Bream
European Chub
Flathead Chub
Hornyhead Chub
Rio Grande Chub
Pacific Redfin
Bluehead Chub
Bull Chub
Bigmouth Chub
Redspot Chub

Barbs, Rasboras

Clown Barb
Spanner Barb
Twospot Rasbora
Hampala Barb
Bonylip Barb
No Common Name
(Barbus binotatus)
Jaevan Barb
Tinfoil Barb
No Common Name
(Hypsibarbus wetmorei)
No Common Name
(Puntius brevis)
No Common Name
(Poropuntius normani)
Sidestripe Rasbora
Pale Rasbora
No Common Name
(Rasbora sumatrana)
Rosefin Rasbora
Blackline Rasbora
Three-lined Rasbora
Silver Rasbora

Snakeheads, Bowfins, Gars

Arowanas, Featherbacks

Northern Snakehead
Bullseye Snakehead
Snakehead Murrel
No Common Name
(Channa gachua)
Silver Arowana
Bronze Featherback
Clown Featherback


Florida Gar
Longnose Gar
Shortnose Gar
Spotted Gar
Alligator Gar


Redtail Catfish
Mekong Giant Catfish
Striped Catfish
Asian Redtail Catfish
Flathead Sea Catfish
Gafftopsail Catfish
Flathead Catfish
Channel Catfish
Blue Catfish
Hardhead Catfish
Chili Sea Catfish
Tete Sea Catfish
Chihuil Sea Catfish
Manduba Catfish
Granulated Catfish
Graceful Pimelodella
No Common Name
(Megalonema platanum)
Flatwhiskered Catfish
Bloch’s Catfish
No Common Name
(Pimelodus maculatus)
No Common Name
(Pimelodus pantaneiro)
Barred Surubim Catfish
Striped Catfish
No Common Name
(Mystus mysticetus)
No Common Name
(Pangasius conchophilus)
North African Catfish
Walking Catfish
No Common Name
(Pangasius macronema)
Black Bullhead
Southern Brown Bullhead
No Common Name
(Synodontis njassae)
Ouachita Madtom
Caddo Madtom
Checkered Madtom
Slender Madtom

Leporinus, Headstanders

Banded Leporinus
No Common Name
(Leporinus brunneus)
Threespot Leporinus
No Common Name
(Leporinus piau)
No Common Name
(Laemolyta taeniata)
No Common Name
(Schizodon borellii)

American Cichlids

Five Star General Cichlid
Red Devil
Salvini Cichlid
Convict Cichlid
Rio Grande Cichlid
Mayan Cichlid
Jaguar Guapote
Black Acara
Redhead Cichlid
No Common Name
(Cichlasoma paranaense)
No Common Name
(Aequidens metae)
Midas Cichlid
No Common Name
(Caquetaia spectabilis)

African Cichlids

Hornet Tilapia
African Jewel Cichlid
African Jewelfish
Spotted Tilapia
Redbelly Tilapia
Nile Tilapia
Blue Tilapia
Mozambique Tilapia
Blackchin Tilapia
No Common Name
(Maylandia livingstonii)
No Common Name
(Tropheops tropheops)
No Common Name
(Petrotilapia nigra)
No Common Name
(Labeotropheus fuelleborni)
No Common Name
(Chindongo ater)
No Common Name
(Trematocranus placodon)
No Common Name
(Maylandia tarakiki)
No Common Name
(Dimidichromis kiwinge)
No Common Name
(Dimidiochromis strigatus)
No Common Name
(Cyathochromis obliquidens)
No Common Name
(Trematocranus microstoma)
No Common Name
(Astatotilapia calliptera)
No Common Name
(Dimidiochromis sp.)
No Common Name
(Tramitichromis intermedius)
No Common Name
(Hemitilapia oxyrhynchus)
No Common Name
(Tropheops novemfasciatus)
No Common Name
(Mylochromis ericotaenia)
No Common Name
(Protomelas ornatus)
No Common Name
(Copadichromis borleyi)
No Common Name
(Petrotilapia “black flank”)
No Common Name
(Tyrannochromis macrostoma)
No Common Name
(Protomelas fenestratus)
No Common Name
(Otopharynx heterodon)
No Common Name
(Metriaclima lundoense)
No Common Name
(Protomelas triaenodon)
No Common Name
(Maylandia zebra)
No Common Name
(Buccochromis heterotaenia)
No Common Name
(Lethrinops albus)
No Common Name
(Fossorochromis rostratus)
No Common Name
(Protomelas spilonotus)
No Common Name
(Tropheops biriwira)
No Common Name
(Mylochromis plagiotaenia)
No Common Name
(Buccochromis rhoadesii)
No Common Name
(Maylandia midomo)
No Common Name
(Dimidiochromis strigatus)
No Common Name
(Tropheops microstoma)
No Common Name
(Mylochromis balteatus)
No Common Name
(Protomelas virgatus)
No Common Name
(Copadichromis mbenjii)
No Common Name
(Cynotilapia chinyankwazi)
No Common Name
(Taeniolethrinops praeorbitalis)
No Common Name
(Champsochromis caeruleus)
No Common Name
(Copadichromis mbenjii)
No Common Name
(Protomelas kirkii)
No Common Name
(Tyrannochromis polyodon)
No Common Name
(Mylochromis sphaerodon)
No Common Name
(Astatotilapia calliptera)
No Common Name
(Petrotilapia tridentiger)
No Common Name
(Tropheops gracilior)
No Common Name
(Otopharynx styrax)
No Common Name
(Mchenga eucinostomus)
No Common Name
(Oreochromis karongae)
No Common Name
(Mylochromis anaphyrmus)
No Common Name
(Copadichromis melas)
No Common Name
(Lethrinops furcifer)
No Common Name
(Nimbochromis polystigma)
No Common Name
(Aulonocara jacobfreibergi)
No Common Name
(Rhamphochromis esox)
No Common Name
(Stigmatochromis woodi)
No Common Name
(Otopharynx auromarginatus)
No Common Name
(Mchenga cyclicos)

Peacock Basses

Peacock Cichlid
(Cichla ocellaris)
No Common Name
(Cichla monoculus)
No Common Name
(Cichla vazzoleri)

Pike Cichlids, Wolf fish

Tigerfish, Barracudas

No Common Name
(Crencichla marmorata)
Pike Cichlid
No Common Name
(Galeocharax gulo)
No Common Name
(Boulengerella cuvieri)
No Common Name
(Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro)

Brycons, Dorados

No Common Name
(Brycon pesu)
No Common Name
(Brycon amazonicus)
No Common Name
(Brycon hilarii)
Golden Dorado

Piranhas, Pacus

No Common Name
(Serrasalmus eigenmanni)
Black Piranha
Redbelly Piranha
Speckled Piranha
Lobetoothed Piranha
No Common Name
(Serrasalmus marginatus)
No Common Name
(Myleus torquatus)
No Common Name
(Myleus rhomboidalisa)
Redhook Myleus

Gouramis, Leaffish

Giant Gourami
Malayan Leaffish
Climbing Perch

Sunfish, Perch, Bass

Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Longear Sunfish
Black Crappie
Redear Sunfish
White Crappie
Dollar Sunfish
Longear Sunfish
(Western subspecies)
Orangespotted Sunfish
Redspotted Sunfish
Bantam Sunfish
Redbreast Sunfish
Banded Sunfish
Mud Sunfish
Spotted Sunfish
Bluegill (Coppernose phase)
Green Sunfish
Rock Bass
Sacramento Perch
Yellow Perch
European Perch
Striped Bass
White Perch
White Bass
Yellow Bass
Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Spotted Bass
Florida Largemouth Bass
Guadalupe Bass
Redeye Bass
Alabama Bass
Roanoke Bass
Ozark Bass

Pikes, Walleyes

Chain Pickerel
Northern Pike
Grass Pickerel
European Zander

Tetras, Hatchetfish

Twospot Astanyx
No Common Name
(Tetragonopterus argenteus)
No Common Name
(Triportheus Angulatus)
Glass Tetra
No Common Name
(Moenkhausia lepidura)
Mexican Tetra

Micros, Minnows

No Common Name
(Candidia barbata)
No Common Name
(Opsariichthys pachycephalus)
No Common Name
(Opsariichthys evolans)
Satinfin Shiner
Swallowtail Shiner
Speckled Dace
Spotfin Shiner
Spottail Shiner
Common Shiner
Common Bleak
Emerald Shiner
Rosyface Shiner
Western Starhead Topminnow
Longnose Killifish
Gulf Killifish
Bayou Killifish
California Killifish
Golden Topminnow
Ocellated Killifish
Desert Pupfish
Blackstripe Topminnow
California Roach
Sacramento Pikeminnow
Pike Killifish
Red River Pupfish
Seminole Killifish
Blackspotted Topminnow
Marsh Killifish
Starhead Killifish
Sand Shiner
Ozark Minnow
Bleeding Shiner
Whitetail Shiner
Bullhead Minnow
Central Stoneroller
Largescale Stoneroller
Highland Stoneroller
Chub Shiner
Steelcolor Shiner
White Shiner
Bigeye Chub
Sandbar Shiner
Tennessee Shiner
Pinewoods Shiner
Northern Studfish
Warpaint Shiner
FieryBlack Shiner
Yellowfin Shiner
No Common Name
(Opsaridium microcephalum)
Coosa Shiner
Streamline Chub
Blacknose Dace
New River Shiner
Speckled Killifish
Redlip Shiner
Mountain Redbelly Dace
Rainbow Shiner
Hiwassee Dace
Saffron Shiner
Blue Shiner
Alabama Shiner
Tricolor Shiner
Blacktail Shiner
Red Shiner
Striped Shiner
(Northern subspecies)
Striped Shiner
(Southern subspecies)
Cutlip Minnow
Proserpine Shiner
Plateau Shiner
Southern Redbelly Dace
Neuces Roundnose Minnow
Roundnose Minnow
Manantial Roundnose Minnow
Devil’s River Minnow
Duskystripe Shiner
West Texas Shiner
Texas Shiner
Cardinal Shiner
Red River Shiner
Smalleye Shiner
Bluntnose Minnow
Bigeye Shiner
Rocky Shiner
Redfin Shiner
Weed Shiner
Mississippi Silvery Minnow
Blackspot Shiner
Ghost Shiner
Sharpnose Shiner
Carmine Shiner
Mimic Shiner
Fathead Minnow
Ribbon Shiner
Sabine Shiner
Plains Killifish
Diamond Killifish
Sheephead Killifish


Redspot Darter
Ozark Darter
Brook Darter
Rainbow Darter
Plateau Darter
Orangebelly Darter
Current Darter
Creole Darter
Strawberry Darter
Plains Darter
Greenthroat Darter
Rio Grande Darter
Fantail Darter
Redfin Darter
Blue River Orangebelly Darter
Sunburst Darter
Tesselated Darter


Shortfin Molly
Mangrove Molly
Eastern Mosquitofish
Western Mosquitofish
Mangrove Gambusia
Variegated Platy
Largespring Gambusia

Freshwater Sculpins

Riffle Sculpin
Prickly Sculpin
Banded Sculpin
Ozark Sculpin


Dusky Flathead
Sand Flathead


Common Dolphinfish
Banded Archerfish
Silver Moony
Whitefin Sharksucker
Northern Searobin
Striped Searobin
Shortnose Batfish
Spotted Ratfish
Gulf Toadfish

5 thoughts on “Complete Species List

  1. This is a really impressive collection. Some of the pictures towards the end didn’t load. And it would be interesting to have a comparison (ruler or gauge) to get an idea of there size. Really enjoyed checking your site out! Thanks.

  2. That is a great lifelist! I can only wish to catch some of those species. There are a couple edits I would make however. The fringeheads should be grouped with the blennies, the dottyback and the sunrise perch should be grouped with the seabasses, the roosterfish should be in “others”, the soapfish and the black sea bass should be with the groupers, (but bass is a bit of a broad term to begin with), the Australian herring should be in “others”, the butterfly whiptail, west Australian butterfish, and threadtail breams (forktail and redspine) should be grouped in a new “threadtail bream” section (Nemipteridae), the stripey, moonlighter, both sweeps and Australian mado should go with the chubs, the “sargo” in the spinefoot section (salema) should go to the porgies, as should the saddled seabream, the flagtail should go in “others” or be in a new section, as should the striped beakfish/knifejaw, the squirrelfish should be grouped with the soldierfish and sweepers, the bigeye should be in “others” or be in a new section, the moorish idol should be in “others”, the hairtail and monkeyface eel should be in “others”, the striper should be in “saltwater basses” (again, a very loose term) or be in a new section with the european seabass and the other fish in the genus Morone, and the blue devil should be in others. This is based on phylogenetic relationships. Hopefully this helps.

    • Hi Sky, thank you for visiting my blog! As noted in the lifelist introduction, the species are organized based on morphology, and not phylogenetic relationship. I realize that this creates categories of fish that are grouped from different families but for pure identification purposes, I find physical characteristics sufficient for organization on my lifelist. I don’t intend on changing my method of organization anytime soon, but thank you for your detailed input!

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