Species Lifelist

What is a species lifelist?

A species lifelist is the antithesis to a fisherman’s bucket list. It is a compilation of the achievements that a fisherman has made throughout their angling pursuits. Anglers who dedicate themselves towards “species hunting” pursue all species of fish, with a respect towards even the most monotonous of fish. A passion for angling, a spirit for adventure, and an appreciation for all aquatic life is all that is required for a fisherman to begin this life long and exciting journey. Embarking on this journey when I was in my early 20’s, I found that through the process of species hunting, I have expanded my angling skills, piscine knowledge, and the admiration of the world around us in immeasurable ways. Along the way, I have also created a life long set of angling friends with whom our daily triumphs and failures can be shared with. It has been a humbling, exciting, indescribable journey, and one that I hope that will never end.

Personal Lifelist Rules:
1) Only fish with clean and clear photos qualify for life list addition. Fish must be alive at time of photograph.
2) Fish must be caught via hook and line. Rod and reel are optional but recommended.
3) Fish must be fair hooked, or clearly have attempted to take the hook presentation.
4) Fish cannot be hooked or fought with assistance, either from another person, or from electrical power. Landing and netting assistance is acceptable.

Click here to see the complete lifelist

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