2013 Socal Silver Nuggets

I was slow to get up this morning. The rain was still sporadically falling, and the gray skies looked ill tempered and foreboding. Usually eager to get to the water to fish the morning bite, I figured with cloudy skies it would essentially be grey light all morning, so I took my time.

With no particular target in mind today, I just wanted to spend some time on the water. It’s been a difficult month so far, plagued by some personal issues and it’s been hard to get myself out of my room to fish.

Fuzzy taillights in the fog blinked at me, as I made my way down the winding highway to San Diego. The rain pelted down through the dark morning, and I wondered where I should fish? Will it be worth fishing in the rain? Am I wasting my time? Sometimes the rain can be remarkably therapeutic, and sometimes it can be downright depressing.

The wind had died, and the rain turned into a gentle sprinkling when I finally arrived at my destination. Having produced a wide variety of species for me in the past at this location, I had just decided to send out a ghost shrimp on a carolina when another angler came strolling by.

After exchanging the normal pleasantries, he pointed around the corner of the point I was fishing.

“Catching shortfin out there. Little ones, but they’re catching them.”

My curiousity was piqued. Shortfin are one of my favorite species of fish to catch and see. Although the little ones don’t bulldog and pull as hard as the 3 species of bass, they are always a fun fish to catch when they smash into plugs and perform a wild acrobatic show. Not to mention, these little wolf packs are notoriously difficult to locate.

I quickly packed my things up and headed around the corner to find a pack of anglers huddled together on the shoreline, as well as 2 float tubes and a skiff tight on the shoreline. My excitement heightened a little…

Eager to try out my new ultralight outfit as well as some of the new lures I picked up in Japan, I tossed out a small DUO plug and a few seconds within the retrieve it was smashed. A little bar of silver exploded out of the water, shaking it’s head savagely, successfully throwing my plug back at me. Awesome little fighters.

Tossing the lure back out, I was able to successfully hook and land 10 of these flawless little silver monsters before the tide dropped too low. None were more than a few inches over a foot, but each fought savagely on my ultralight outfit. 2 fat mackerel rounded out the counts, and lastly, a grump managed to latch itself onto my lure before the tide had completely gone out and only ripples remained.

Spirits buoyed, I left SD as a peaceful glow peeked out from behind the rainclouds. Sometimes it takes a gentle reminder that behind every rain cloud theres always a silver lining, be it when you are fishing, or in life.

It was great meeting and fishing with you guys, hope to see you all out there again sometime.

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